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Interactive Map Solutions

Customized Maps
Create beautiful maps either in 3D or 2D, add any geo-localized information in a minute and we’ll host it.
Business & Trade
Promote your brand. Locate and enrich your offices or services to offer unique "drive to store" experiences to customers.
Create and publish the astonishing maps your events deserve.
Create interactive local history and heritage guide maps.
Tailor-made solutions
Tell us your needs, and we would be happy to bring creative thinking in your project.

Main features

Highlight information and content - in a dedicated and stylish 3D environment.
Display accurate geo-localized contents - such as road networks, public transport, shops, services, points of interest...
Highlights of famous and historical buildings - F4map provides building modeling with a high level of accuracy.
Real Time - Day & night effects, local weather in real time, current position of the sun and dynamic shadows reinforce immersion and realism.
3D Animations - Animated rain or snow, waterways, fountains, wind turbines, vehicles to bring life to your map.
Custom interactive Maps - 2D or 3D, unique base maps created for you.
Strong Interactivity
Custom display of Content - User can choose the type of contents he wants to display according to his needs or interests.
Collaborative - Authorized users can easily enrich the map with their own contents or their local knowledge.
Smart search engine - Fast access to any kind of content stored in our databases for rich and relevant results.
Social Networking - Facebook, Twitter and Google+ connections for sharing, viewing and saving your favorite content.
Mapping tools - Road and walking trails, paths, routes or areas for searching or illustrating some content.
Easy and Intuitive Navigation - Ease of use thanks to ergonomic controls and responsive interfaces providing fluid and smooth web navigation.
Breakthrough Technology
Available directly from the Web, without plug-in - Thanks to widely adopted WebGL technology, users can access our interactive map without hassle.
Available anywhere anytime - F4map is accessible on smartphones and tablets. According to your needs, we can design, create and publish custom applications.
Painless data insertion - F4map solution allows insertion and aggregation of all data types in a few clicks (KML, pictures, texts, videos...)
Business Solutions - Easy map integration on your website, with custom content only a click away.
Technical Platform - We provide turnkey solutions and offer comprehensive hosting and operating services.
Advanced Features - Topography (experimental), calendar management, timelines and tailor-made tools.
Data Analysis and Statistics - Traffic, user behavior and full reporting.


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The Company

The Company

Founded in 2002, F4 is a company specialized in 3D and digital applications for business and general public use. With its know-how from the world of industry and video games, F4 offers a wide range of products and services. Strongly focused on innovation, F4 offers its customers flexible and scalable solutions, always tailored to their needs. For this reason, we also design, develop and operate virtual worlds and massively connected 3D video games.

Our Vision

F4 Map offers a different approach to digital mapping with the development of a new type of interactive mapping. It allows:

  • The contextualization and the highlight of the information in its environment
  • Interactivity and collaboration
  • Aggregation, search and visualization of all types of data
  • Awesome representation of local heritage and territories
The Team

F4 brings a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled employees, consisting of web developers, real-time 3D artists and designers, coming from large companies recognized in IT and high tech. In addition, technical experts and specialists in the management of editorial content, ensure the operation of our solutions.


F4 has developed proprietary technologies to provide its customers and partners with a robust and scalable technical platform. We have also developed unpublished mapping features such as 3D renderings, real-time animations, stylish background maps and added lots of content to enhance the attractiveness of our solutions.

F4 participates in the Open Source movement. For this reason, we use OpenStreetMap for our mapping database (www.openstreetmap.org), enriching our solutions and sharing with the community some of the tools we created.


Our project management is based on Agile and Scrum methods, allowing great flexibility in production and frequent change requests. F4 is willing to provide close collaboration with the customer for a strong user oriented development based on regular deliveries for an optimized time to market.


F4 Map - 75 avenue des Champs-Élysées
75008 Paris, France

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